Uneven Bars D Skills


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  • Work layout flyaway 1/2 turn. Once comfortable with this motion over rotate the flyaway 1/2 to your stomach onto a port-a-pit or stacked mats.
  • Be sure to tap towards the ceiling and keep your shoulder angle open. There is a tendency to pike and pull in on the bar.
  • Once the flyaway 1/2 to your stomach is solid, start looking for the bar and adjusting the tap to bring yourself closer to the bar.
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  • The timing of the tap and an aggressive throwing of the bar are keys to this skill.
  • Work back extension, snap to straddle sit or stand. The back extension should never reach above 45 deg. As the gymnast rises they should throw the floor back aggressively and reach forward, the goal being a straddle stand.
  • The same drill can be done on trampoline to give more amplitude. Also work the same drill to stomach drop.
  • If a tramp bar is available then this drill can be worked from a back drop using the bar as one would on a high rail.
  • On the bar the gymnasts tap should be earlier than for a giant. The tap should be directed straight towards the ceiling, and the toes topped just past horizontal. The throw is critical for countering the rotation of the swing.
  • On a low bar work glides to high arched support. This drill requires two spotters. The spotters spot at the ankle and shoulders. The gymnast does glide swings then aggressivly pops their chest upward and develops support on the bar. The gymnast should lead with their chest and not hips.
  • Lie on your stomach on a block with your arms by your head (hanging off the edge of the block). With your arms straight lift and throw weight as far as possible without bending your arms (a medicine ball is perfect for this). This will help develop the explosive strength necessary for the skill.