Full Body Conditioning

  • Burpees - Start from a stand, drop down to a pushup position. Bring your legs up under you and jump as high as you can. We recommend doing these with a pushup each time you are in the pushup position.
  • Burpees Pull-ups - Perform a burpee under a bar, when you jump grab the bar and do a pull-up.
  • Jack knives - Start in a standing pike with your hands supported on a rolling device, or low rings. Extend out until you are in an open hollow position as open as possible, pull back to a standing pike.
  • Jumping Jacks - Most people have performed these in a PE class at some point. They are an excellent way to warm up, and can be included in a conditioning set either as a station where fatigued muscles are allowed to recover while metabolic demands are kept high, or if modified as a significant component of a met-con circuit. Jumping jacks should be practiced both with arms and legs in concert (legs straddling while arms are swung upward) or in opposition (legs straddling while arms are brought down). You can challenge yourself by seeing how high you can jump on each repetition. At the point that the legs are brought together you can perform a squat.
  • Manna Swings - From a support on Parallel bars swing slowly to a manna, or as close as you can get, then lower back to support. This should be done as slowly and controlled as possible with the back swing being minimal, non-existent if possible.
  • Support Leg Lifts on Rings - Hold a support on rings and lift your toes with straight legs as high as you can. Return to straight support.