Pommel Horse - Basics


False scissor
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  • False scissors can help scissors more than working scissors.
  • Have the gymnast work a stride swing and at the peak of the stride swing place their front leg on the horse while keeping their back leg high and extended so they end in a straddled side support.
Front support swings
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  • A front suppor swing should remain straddled throughout, though some closing of the straddle through the bottom is benificial. As the top leg peaks the gymnast should think about driving the bottom leg upwards. Do not wait until the top leg has begun to come down.
Rear support swings
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  • The rear support will be very awkward for most beginning gymnasts. The hands should be near the front of the pommels. Chest and hips open. Heels back slightly under the horse. Repetition is the key.
Stride Swings
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  • Good stride support swings are important for good scissor work.
  • In a stride swing the hips should be turned in but the shoulders should remain square. The back leg is the power for the swing. Having an object about shoulder height for the gymnast to kick helps to force an aggressive kick.
The mushroom
  • The mushroom has become an integral part of pommel horse training. Most gyms have far more mushrooms than pommels horses.
  • When teaching circle work on a muchroom be sure that the circles are extended and counterturned (The hips are turned slightly opposite the circle direction).
  • The "front" of the circle should not be directly forward from the gymnast but slightly earlier.