Hop 1/2 pierouette

B value skill
FIG Code Group: I
FIG Code Box: 57
Drills for Hop 1/2 pierouette.
  • A strong hop handstand is necessary to properly excecute this skill.
  • For the hop, the heels should lead the swing keeping a slight arch and shrugged sholders until the hop is initiated.
  • The power from the hop comes from the shoulders blocking and the body transitioning from arch to hollow. The tendency is to hop early, so be sure to initiate the hop almost at the handstand.
  • Hop handstands should be drilled until they are consistant and powerful.
  • Work hop 1/4 turn to one bar. This should be done in such a way so that after catching the 1/4 turn the gymnast should hollow down over the opposite bar.
  • Once the 1/4 turn is solid the 1/2 is just a matter of catching the 1/4 with one arm initially and completing the turn. Be sure to keep extended shoulders

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