Domain Registration

Domain registration is now very affordable. You can now register your domain for only $12/yr. This makes it affordable enough to register a domain for your family name so you can have e-mail. We'll even park your domain (hold it in internet space) for free as long as necessary until you are ready to use it.
Two New TLDs
You can now register .info and .biz domains. If you were unable to find your .com domain you can try the new extension. Registering your .info or .biz domain at only costs $12/yr instead of the regular $27 or more per yr. So register your .info or .biz name today!

If you are currently paying too much for your domain (eg. $35/yr). You can now transfer your domain to cut your domain costs to only $12/yr. So transfer your domain and start saving now.

We also have several other tools available for your use to help you find a domain, or check information on already registered domains.
Search domains - Determine if the domain you are interested in is available.
Transfer domains - Transfer multiple domains and save big.
Manage Your Domain - Make changes to your domain registration.